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Thank You, for your interest in adopting a Neapolitan Mastiff from us!!



We would like to start by suggesting you read a little bit of information about this wonderful breed of dog. This information can go a long way in helping you decide if a Neapolitan is the right dog for you. 

American Kennel Club   This is The American Kennel Club information page for the Neapolitan Mastiff

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club   Please especially note the sections on temperament and behavior!

After reading this information, is the Neapolitan right for you?


If so, excellent! Here are a few of the most common questions people have going through the adoption process. Please read through as it will save you valuable time in emailing us.


1: Why won't you adopt to families with children under 10?

We know this one gets to people. Please consider what you are looking at though. This is a 150+ lb dog. Often, a dog  who is in the beginning stages of obedience and manners training. A dog this size can potentially knock over or step on a small child, and hurt them, completely accidentally. We can not stress enough times, that we want to see you, your family, and the dog succeed!! This scenario, even though it was unavoidable from the point of the dog, often leads to a dog being returned, and worse being returned with an extremely small time frame in which we must organize a transport and a new foster. This situation is stressful, for everyone involved when it happens. In addition to all of that, children under 10 are bitten by dogs, far more often than any other age group.  This makes us unable to make exceptions, due to insurance and liability purposes.











2: Do I need to have a fenced yard, in order to adopt? 

Usually.  Mastiffs in general, and the Neapolitan in specific, are natural born guardians. It is part of their nature. If you live in a busy neighborhood, walking your Neapolitan around lots of other dogs, or children could lead to some unsavory issues. It is rare that it will be "started" by your Neapolitan, but he will certainly take exception to rude dogs who run up to you, unleashed and uncontrolled. Additionally we recommend a 6ft fence. This is due to the size of these dogs, a 4ft fence is not much of a deterrent for a determined Neo. A 4ft fence also encourages those on the outside of the fence to tease and stick hands over your fence which can lead to a bite occurring, because your Neapolitan will see this as invading, or dangerous behavior you need to be protected from.

3: Why are your adoption fees higher than the fees at my local shelter?

Every Neapolitan we rescue receives complete medical care. This include Spay/neuter surgery, all required vaccines, and microchipping. A simple spay surgery for a Neapolitan is often $400+ due to the expense of the anesthesia. Neapolitans are prone to having "cherry eye" which requires surgery, often over $1200. These are our most common medical expenses, but some dogs do require extensive orthopedic surgeries and other care than can far exceed these. The adoption fees are used to continue giving life saving medical care to the dogs coming into our program. Often a purebred Neapolitan from a breeder will run at 2x to 3x the adoption fees for our dogs, and you will need to vaccinate and spay/neuter on top of that!  

It is also important to note that we are funded 100% by your donations, and the adoption fees for the dogs who we get into their forever homes. We do not receive any form of funding from local, state or federal governments for the work we are doing. All fees generated and paid are directly reinvested into the dogs. 

These are some of the most common specific questions we are asked. Another big one we get asked is about our current limitations on our areas of adoption. Currently there are just some states where we do not have volunteers, shelter partners, or resources.  We are still growing, and we just do not have resources everywhere we want to be, YET!! Help us change that!! Please consider filling out a volunteer application! The more volunteers we have, the more dogs we can help, and families we can assist in their dream adoptions. 

If you are interested, Please fill out a volunteer application HERE

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